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Kids Coder Club is led by Trevor Murphy Msc ITM. This entity provides extra curriculum computing classes to primary and postprimary children, also specialise in aiding primary and post-primary school implement computer sciences in their classroom.

Our goal is to ensure every child in Ireland has exposure to computer science classes. Trevor’s MSc thesis was  ‘An examination of the use of computing to aid learning in Irish primary schools’. This study uncovered the best practice for delivering computer science to primary and post-primary students.

Trevor attended a number of UK Computing at Schools ( ) events and also recently visited Japan to explore the methods and best practices being used by leading countries.

“The programmers of tomorrow are the wizards of the future. You’re going to look like you have magic powers compared to everybody else.”

Our mission is to introduce as many kids as possible to computing & coding. To show the kids that the computer sector is a realistic viable option for their future careers whilst allowing them to have fun.

Our goal is to help children become independent learners, creative thinkers and able team-workers while developing their own high-level technology and computer skills. We encourage ‘e-confidence’ in children in an age when computers and technology are essential life skills.

Become a Kids Coder Club Associate

Are you interested in starting an extra curriculum ‘Computing & Coding Club’ in your school or area?

  • Would you like to run an extra curriculum computing and coding club?
  • Make extra revenue, whilst sharing knowledge and empowering Irish children with the confidence to consider Computer Sciences as a third level choice and thereafter a career.
  • You need no prior experience in this field as training, vetting and syllabi are provided by Kids Coder Club.

The aim of our associate programme is to make Computing and Coding available to every child in every town in Ireland. When you become an associate we provide the following:

We provide:

  • Mentor Training Sessions:
  • Provide Syllabus for all levels.
  • Halloween, Easter & Summer Camp Structures & Syllabus.
  • Marketing Online (Listed on Website, Online Targeted Marketing Campaign) and Offline (Leaflets, Signage & Full Area Exposure including local talks delivered by existing tutors).

Kids Coder Club selection process is designed to maintain the highest of standards and to make sure the right candidates qualify as Instructors.

Opening a KCC Club.

Our mission is to make Kids Coder Club available to as many children as possible, to that end, we have conducted extensive research into which areas of Ireland are likely to yield the maximum number of KCC students. Each one of these locations have the ability to sustain a profitable business for someone like you.


We believe that linking with your local school has a number of very strong benefits. (this is not mandatory)

  1. You will have direct marketing access to the school’s students.
  2. You will have a class to deliver lessons in.

Cost to a student per term: €70 per child, €60 is siblings are attending.

Room Requirement: Projector & Whiteboard (Desks and chairs for students)

Term Length: 8 Weeks

Available Days: Tutor picks delivery days

Requirement to students: Laptop with Scratch 2.0 Offline installed, free to download from

Benefits to School: Open invite FOC to our teacher training events It is also an option to give a term donation to the school.

The Role of the Instructor – Kids Coder Club

As an independent business owner, the decisions you make will directly affect the performance of your business and you will need to invest time into growing your club.

You will not only have to teach students but recruit them too and therefore you must be energetic, self-motivated and willing to invest in your students and your centre.

A vital part of your role will be to raise awareness of Kids Coder Club in your area; to generate enrolments and appreciation of our brand as well as communicating with children, their parents, and your local community.

You will also be responsible for maintaining student records and managing finances.

Of course, most importantly, you will be an educator and responsible for the delivery of our syllabus through the unique KCC Method. You will be a student yourself as you continue to learn from colleagues and indeed from your own students, as well as studying the programmes.

What can you expect of us?

Your success is our success. In addition to the security of a proven associate model and the power of our brand behind you, KCC extensive support network will provide all the necessary help to enable you to make sound business decisions.

You will have a dedicated Area Manager to support you along your journey to success and an experienced Brand and Communications team to help you spread the word. Ongoing marketing support and bespoke materials will also be available to support you in promoting your centre.

We will run a national competition that your students will have access to.

In the same way, we nurture each of our students, your ongoing professional development is a priority for us. Thorough training in our unique method and business model will prepare you for success from day one.

Club Structure and Syllabus

Within KCC our syllabi are structured to bring the students gradually from the shallow to the deep end of the pool of CS knowledge. We use many elements and tools to ensure the student’s cover all areas.

Extra Curriculum Model:

There are two models available to associates, both can and in most cases are used by associates.

  1. RoboDone Robotics, Computing and Coding Model.
  2. Kids Coder Club Computing and Coding Model.

Scratch – HTML/CSS – Command Prompts – JavaScript – Python

Bits Class – Second Class Students

Bytes Class – Third Class Students

Kilobytes – Fourth Class Students

Megabytes – Fifth Class Students

Gigabytes – Sixth Class Student

Terabytes – First Year Post-Primary

Petabyte – Students that have completed first-year post-primary classes.

If you believe you have what it takes to become a successful Kids Coder Club associate, why not contact us today?

Phone: 087-6873933 or 053-9156757

Are you interested in starting an extra curriculum ‘Computing & Coding Club’ in your school or area? If so please send an email expressing your interest to
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