Kids Coder Club specialises in aiding Primary and Post-Primary schools to educate their Students, Teachers, and Parents how to stay safe online, ensuring a culture of awareness and well-being. Our specialised Cyber-Safety division ensures all our audiences are fully aware of the dangers that are present on the Internet. If your school requires any aid in the area of Cyber-Safety check out Computing At Schools Cyber-Safety Division

Today’s modern world allows access to children of all ages to mobile devices. Schools now more than ever face challenges around Internet-awareness and safety. Parents, Teachers, and Principals have a responsibility both ethically and legally to understand and guide students in their charge with respect to Internet usage and individual school policies.

The key to a healthy online environment is education, communication and monitoring. Create a family plan for screen time usage and stick to it!

The following are some links to clips which will help you discuss the area of cybersafety with your child:


Primary School – Parents

Internet Matters  Internet matters parent resources

Webwise – Screen time, Image sharing, Sexting

Cyber Safe Ireland Simple steps for parents to protect their children

Spun Out – Cyberbullying Educating parents about the issues

CEOP KS1 Film – ‘Lee & Kim’ Cartoon Suitable 5 yrs – 7 yrs

MONSTERS WITH NO FANCY DRESSES | Bullying short film Kids age 5-8

Webwise – My Selfies and the World – 5th-6th Class

Post-Primary School – Parents

Webwise – Screen time, Image sharing, Sexting

Child Net – Critical Thinking

Spun Out – Cyber and Text bullying

Sextortion short video

Guilty Anti Bullying Short – TY to 6th year student

Talking to your child about Sexting (Webwise)

Image module
Image module