Our mission is to make Kids Coder Club available to as many children as possible, to that end, we have conducted extensive research into which areas of Ireland are likely to yield the maximum number of KCC students. Each one of these locations has the ability to sustain a profitable business for someone like you.


We believe that linking with your local school has a number of very strong benefits. (this is not mandatory)

  1. You will have direct marketing access to the school’s students.
  2. You will have a class to deliver lessons in.

Cost to the student per term: €70 per child, €60 is siblings are attending.

Room Requirement: Projector & Whiteboard (Desks and chairs for students)

Term Length: 8 Weeks

Available Days: Tutor picks delivery days


Requirement to students: Laptop with Scratch 2.0 Offline installed, free to download from http://kidscoderclub.ie/free-downloads-2


Benefits to School: Open invite FOC to our teacher training events http://computingatschools.ie/primary-training/ It is also an option to give a term donation to the school.