Why every child should learn to code

1.   Programming helps children learn to problem solve

2.      Computer programming gives kids a challenge and helps them develop resilience

3.      Coding teaches children how to think

4.      A child expands their creativity when they learn how to code

5.      Computer programming is the future

6.      There is a lack of skills in the software industry

7.      Coding helps children learn how to have fun with math

8.   Coding is learning while having fun

Why is coding important to learn?

We have gone through some great reasons why coding is important to learn for not only children but anyone. If you have a child, giving them the opportunity to learn about technology and the way computers work will surely give them an advantage in life. Learning to code while they are young will set them up for a successful future.

Why Kids Should Learn to Code

Years ago when all of this kids and code chatter started, you could have characterized it as hype because the whole idea was new and novel to the education system. And, while this “learn to code” popularity spike wasn’t unfounded by any means, time was really the only thing that could tell us if it all was going to be a big fat flash in the pan.

Well, here we are.

Time has passed, yet we are still seeing STEM education stats like by 2018, 2.4 million STEM jobs will go unfilled. And others like 71% of all new jobs in STEM are in computing, but only 8% of STEM graduates are in Computer Science.

We’ve officially moved beyond simply saying “coding is cool, so go do it,” end of story. Instead, we are now saying, “coding is in fact cool, so go do it, but you should also go do it because you’ll be rewarded as a result.”

In other words, there are jobs, lots of them—and jobs that pay very well.

What makes this even better is that it’s not just the jobs or the coolness, either (this would be a much shorter blog post if that were the case) but also the creativity, problem solving, collaboration, communication, and other skills ripe for improvement as bi-products of kids learning to code.

  1. Programmers are in high demand
  2. Learning to code leads to a competitive advantage
  3. Programming knowledge helps kids better understand the world around them
  4. Coding is fun and satisfying
  5. Coding improves creativity
  6. Coding improves problem solving
  7. Coding instils persistence
  8. Coding improves collaboration
  9. Coding improves communication

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