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Kids Coder Club Online Classes

Coder Kids – After School Program

The online classes will be run via Zoom. All classes are 55 minutes long. Children will be able to see and hear us! Class material for members is based on our structured core curriculum with an incremental progressive lesson plan. Students will be exploring and creating new activities with Scratch. #Computing #Coding #ICT #HTML #CSS #Python #Cybersafety

Club Structure – Our Academic Year

Each new academic year starts in September. Students are placed at the correct level based on age and ability. Each level runs four terms for 7 weeks. Lessons are progressively structured. Each level advances the student’s knowledge.

Taster Terms – For New Members

Monday Taster Terms are run throughout the academic year to allow New Members to join after our September start. These taster terms allow students to become comfortable with the platforms we use. Students are placed at the appropriate level upon completion of their Taster Term.

Benefits of Online Learning

Our children must be adept at using 21st-century technology tools. These platforms will become the norm for education and work as our world progresses on its tech journey. There are no geographical barriers. Online learning enhances computer and Internet proficiency.

We promote a balanced approach to online usage. We provide “Coding Camps for Kids”, embrace “Coding Lessons for Kids”, and understand wherever you are “Coding Lessons for Kids Near Me.”

Click Here to Downloads Programmes – Install Scratch Desktop – Notepad++ – Python – Zoom (See below list to understand what programmes your child will need to have installed)

Need to Understand the Zoom Platform? Click Here.

What will kids be exposed to? Coding for Kids Python

Coding with Scratch. HTML & CSS, Python & CyberSafety. We also cover essential elements of Computing and ICT skills. We ensure your children are in the top 1% for their age and category.

We have developed a bespoke syllabus that allows our students to learn at the correct pace and manner. The following levels progressively introduce our students to more complex Computer Science and Coding elements.

The Correct Entry Level

Students are aligned with their past exposure and experience. The key is to ensure the student is comfortable but challenged.

Levels: Each level has four terms, and lessons are progressively structured to advance the learning. One level should be completed each academic year.

  •  Bytes – Primary Beginners (4 Terms) 7 – 8 Years Old (Scratch + Cybersafety)
  • KiloBytes – Primary Advanced (4 Terms) 8 – 9 Years Old (Scratch & HTML + Cybersafety)
  • MegaBytes – Primary Advanced + (4 Terms) 10 – 11 Years Old (Scratch, HTML, CSS & Python + Cybersafety)
  • GigaBytes – Primary Pro (4 Terms) 11 – 12 Years Old (HTML, CSS & Python + Cybersafety)
  • Tera-Bytes – Post-Primary JC Coding Course (4 Terms) 12, 13 & 14 Years Old – Secondary School (CS, HTML, CSS & Python, ChatGPT + Cybersafety)
  • PetaBytes – Post-Primary Pro (4 Terms) 14– 17 Years Old – Secondary School (CS, HTML, CSS & Python, Windows Command Prompts, ChatGPT + Strategic Management & Innovation Classes + Cybersafety)
  • ExaBytes – Post-Primary Pro (4 Terms) 16 – 17 Years Old – Secondary School (CS, HTML, CSS & Python, Windows Command Prompts, ChatGPT +  Innovation Classes + Cybersafety + LinkIned Creation)

Post-Primary Seniors – The world we live in is more than ever about innovation. With this in mind, we plan to ensure all our post-primary students are exposed to several classes on Strategic Management – PESTEL and Michael Porter’s Five Forces. This will aid students in assessing their Marco and Microenvironments. We will also do a class on innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

The program layout is similar to swimming lessons, i.e. the kids will progress and advance with each class and term. Each academic year will have four terms, which will take into account mid-term breaks and school holidays and are spread out over the academic year. Enrollment rules are based purely on a first-come basis.

We work with as many schools as possible during the academic year and endeavour that all of Ireland can have “coding for kids near me”.

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We provide Online Live Classes for the Primary and Post-Primary Sectors.