As an independent business owner, the decisions you make will directly affect the performance of your business and you will need to invest time into growing your club.

You will not only have to teach students but recruit them too and therefore you must be energetic, self-motivated and willing to invest in your students and your centre.

A vital part of your role will be to raise awareness of Kids Coder Club in your area; to generate enrolments and appreciation of our brand as well as communicating with children, their parents, and your local community.

You will also be responsible for maintaining student records and managing finances.

Of course, most importantly, you will be an educator and responsible for the delivery of our syllabus through the unique KCC Method. You will be a student yourself as you continue to learn from colleagues and indeed from your own students, as well as studying the programmes.

What can you expect of us?

Your success is our success. In addition to the security of a proven associate model and the power of our brand behind you, KCC extensive support network will provide all the necessary help to enable you to make sound business decisions.

You will have a dedicated Area Manager to support you along your journey to success and an experienced Brand and Communications team to help you spread the word. Ongoing marketing support and bespoke materials will also be available to support you in promoting your centre.

We will run a national competition that your students will have access to.

In the same way, we nurture each of our students, your ongoing professional development is a priority for us. Thorough training in our unique method and business model will prepare you for success from day one.