Free Online “What is Computing and Coding?” Parent Talk.

Join us at a future scheduled online “What is Computing and Coding” talks for parents. Here we will explain what Computing and Coding is about. How Kids Coder Club works with their students, programmes required and answer questions from our online audience. Just Click Here to get put on our mailing list.



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Kids Coder Club Online Classes

The online classes will be run via Zoom. All classes are 55 minutes long. Children will be able to see and hear us! Class material for new members is based on our structured core curriculum with an incremental progressive lesson plan. Students will be exploring and be creating new activities with Scratch. #Computing #Coding #ICT #HTML #CSS #Python #Cybersafety

Benefits of Learning Online – Our children must be adept at using 21st-century technology tools. These platforms will become the norm for education and work as our world progresses on its tech journey. There are no geographical barriers and cuts down on physical logistic. Online learning enhances computer and Internet proficiency.

Click Here to Downloads Programmes – Install Scratch Desktop – Notepad++ – Python – Zoom (See below list to understand what programmes your child will need to have installed)

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A guide to entry-level:

  • Bytes – Primary Beginners  7 – 8 Years Old (Scratch + Cybersafety)
  • KiloBytes – Primary Advanced  8 – 9 Years Old (Scratch & HTML + Cybersafety)
  • MegaBytes – Primary Advanced + 10 – 12 Years Old (Scratch, HTML, CSS & Python + Cybersafety)
  • GigaBytes – Primary Pro  11 – 12 Years Old (HTML, CSS & Python + Cybersafety)
  • Tera-Bytes – Post-Primary (CS, HTML, CSS & Python + Cybersafety) NB. Ideal for Post-Primary students undertaking the JC Short Coding course or Leaving Cert Computer Science.
  • College 1st Computer Science Year Preparation Overview. Ideal for students preparing to enter 1st CS or PP students considering CS  – View Syllabus Here


Monday Club – Online Members – New Members

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Wednesday Club – Online Members

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Thursday Club – Online Members – Term 2

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Same rules apply as in a physical class!

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We provide Online Live Classes for the Primary and Post-Primary Sectors.