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Kids Coder Club Practise Tips:

One of the main goals of Kids Coder Club is to make our students independent thinkers and problems solvers. Problemsolving is important because it enables us to exert control over our environment. The world we live in is changing so quickly and this trend will continue with new innovations arising monthly. It is super important that the children continue practising during term breaks.

Beginners and Junior:

Practise with the Scratch tutorials, even if your child has completed these encourage them to make variants scripts. All students should be using the new Scratch 3 Desktop programme downloadable at

Parents can learn more about Scratch and thereafter encourage children on explore a safe learning environment. Check out


Practise with the Scratch tutorials variants scripts. HTML basic pages (Learn how to use online resources for blended learn – Tip!! YouTube)

Advanced Primary & Post-Primary:

HTML / CSS and Python – The key here is for students to use online resource to progress their development. All students should be aware and using from here they can improve their HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and Python knowledge.

YouTube: Is a fantastic learning environment, this will also aid students understand search results. Encourage children to try different word combinations to find a lesson that is of interest and appropriate for their individual level. Post-Primary is also works with all educational areas. Math, Germany, Science it’s all there you just have to find it!