Within KCC our syllabi are structured to bring the students gradually from the shallow to the deep end of the pool of CS knowledge. We use many elements and tools to ensure the student’s cover all areas.

Extra Curriculum Model:

There are two models available to associates, both can and in most cases are used by associates.

  1. RoboDone Robotics, Computing and Coding Model. https://kidscoderclub.ie/robodone
  2. Kids Coder Club Computing and Coding Model.

Scratch – HTML/CSS – Command Prompts – JavaScript – Python

Bits Class – Second Class Students

Bytes Class – Third Class Students

Kilobytes – Fourth Class Students

Megabytes – Fifth Class Students

Gigabytes – Sixth Class Student

Terabytes – First Year Post-Primary

Petabyte – Students that have completed first-year post-primary classes.