Kids Coder Club specialises in aiding Primary and Post-Primary schools to educate their Students, Teachers, and Parents on how to stay safe online, ensuring a culture of awareness and well-being. Our specialised Cyber-Safety division ensures all our audiences are fully aware of the dangers on the Internet. If your school requires any aid in the area of Cyber-Safety, check out our Cyber-Safety Division

Today’s modern world allows children of all ages access to mobile devices. Schools now more than ever face challenges around Internet awareness and safety. Parents, Teachers, and Principals have a responsibility both ethically and legally to understand and guide students in their charge concerning Internet usage and individual school policies.

The key to a healthy online environment is education, communication and monitoring. Create a family plan for screen time usage and stick to it!

Parents – If your child is not receiving CyberSafety lessons in school. ASK WHY. DEMAND IT. You should also be offered a Parent CyberSafety programme via your child’s school. Remember Together, We Get Better! You can direct your school Principal to

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