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Kids Coder Club Testimonials – We value feedback!

My son attends Trevor’s Python class in the CBS Wexford at the moment. He really enjoys going and asks me in advance, have I signed him up to the next term. He has made friends with the other children in the class. They play games together in their own time via their laptops. The one thing that particularly impressed me was when my children were at the Coder Club Summer Camps, they get to go outside and play some games in the fresh air. Trevor is very accommodating and efficient to deal with. The classes are very good value for money. I would definitely recommend them to any child that has an interest in finding out more where computer programming is concerned. – Georgina Gaul

My 11-year-old daughter has been attending the kids coding club in Enniscorthy for the past year. She really enjoys it, the classes are fun and Trevor is just fantastic, what I really like is that it is structured with a syllabus and projects that they work on and complete, as well as Practise scripts that they can use at home. It is a fun class and Saoirse really enjoys it, I would recommend the Kids Coding Club to anyone with any interest in Coding or Computing, it has been great for her, she loves showing off what she learns each week with us! And she has never once asked to skip it!!! (a common occurrence with other activates!) Aine Doyle

Both of my sons have been attending Trevor’s Coding class in CBS Wexford. It has really helped with their computer skills, problem solving and Maths. Trevor is v enthusiastic about all things computers and he really encourages the kids to think outside the box when doing assignments/projects. I would recommend Trevor’s Coding classes to any child who’s interested in computers. – Deirdre Rattigan-O’Neill

My son Sean has been going to Trevor’s classes now for over 2 years he has learned so much with coding and about computers. He is 9 now and a few months ago he even decided he wanted to do his school project on his computer, he typed it up himself and was able to copy and paste pictures in. He loves the classes Trevor makes it very interesting they have designed their own games, use HTML and scratch. I would recommend anyone to send their child to Trevor’s classes they will learn so much and enjoy the classes. Sean cant waits for the class each week. Computers are our future so it makes sense if your child shows an interest in computers to send them it sets them up for the future. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED his classes, Fidelis Ryan

Both my boys go to Trevor for coding. My youngest is 8 and my oldest is 11 and in his 2nd yr. They both love coding and have shown a great interest in it. Trevor is fantastic with all his pupils. It will be a great skill for them to have for the future. Danielle Foley

Our 2 older boys have been attending for several years and have learned so much. They look forward to every week and each term. Trevor is so vibrant and full of enthusiasm, he is so passionate about the subject and encourages their interest. This is a very important subject, that should be on the school curriculum, what they learn now will be useful to them in the future. Our younger son has joined recently and he too is thrilled to go each week. We would highly recommend this course. – Tom Prendergast

My 8 year son Jack has been attending classes in New Ross for the past year. He absolutely loves the classes and has learned so much about coding in that time. He enjoys learning new computer skills and loves making new games. It’s a fantastic opportunity for children to be able to learn these skills and develop an interest in coding at such a young age. This will stand to them no matter what career they choose. – Criona Fitzgerald

Jack says he would recommend these classes to his friends as the classes are really fun and when he’s making new games he can choose his own characters and background – he says it’s really cool!!!! And he loves bringing his takeaway hot chocolate to class too!!! – Rachel Shiel

My 2 grand children are doing the coding classes with Trevor for the past 2 years. They really love going to class and can’t wait to get practising when they get home. They are learning so much and it’s giving them a great interest in computing- other than playing games! – Marie Jordan

Highly recommend Trevor’s coding classes. My son has been attending the classes the past 2 years and absolutely loves it, classes are well prepared and structured. This will soon be a part of our school curriculum so great to get a head start. – Katie Harte

My 13-year-old son has been attending Trevor’s kid’s coder club in the CBS Wexford for the last few years. He has learned a lot and enjoys it. At the moment he is doing the junior cycle program which hopefully will be a great help to him next year when he will be doing his junior cert exams. – Derek O’Brien

My son Alexander joined the coding club in the Wexford CBS two months ago he really enjoys it and talks about it continuously, he has explained it to his teacher, even at alexanders parent-teacher meeting his teacher spoke about it and she was delighted that Alexander takes part in this after school activity, Alexander has also asked Santa for a new laptop for his coding � thank you to the coding club it is very positive for children. – Caroline Bialecki

My little man loves this. Makes him feel extra clever, understanding and writing code! Great computer skills. Really enjoys learning new stuff about raspberry pi and robots – Caroline Walsh

My son has been at Trevor’s classes for nearly a year now he has loved it and is always looking forward to the class every week and likes Trevor and he’s always telling them that computers are our future – Valerie Kelly Dunne

Great way for children to learn valuable skills for the future. Classes are fun and interesting and so my daughter really loves them, and the fact that they can practice at home makes it even better. Highly recommend! – Kasia Hetmanska-Kelly

My son & daughter both look forward so much to their weekly coding class. They even love practising at home at every opportunity! The class really engages their interest & pushes their imagination when creating games & learning. Thanks, Trevor, keep up the good work! – Amanda Prunty

My son Niall started this class this year and loves it, he loves coming home and telling me all about it and also practising what he has learnt on my laptop. I’m surprised he hasn’t asked Santa for a laptop of his own this year. – Mary Martin

My son is going to Trevor classes last 2 years. He really enjoys coding and loves going there every week. Classes are fun and Trevor is good with kids – Merle Õunapuu

My son Jamie really enjoys Trevor’s coding classes. He is always excited to tell me all about each class and Trevor is great with the kids. Thanks, Trevor. – Breda Quinn

My son Noah attends the class in new ross he loves it and is learning so much … keep up the good work guys – Edwina Cleere

My son Ben only started coding this September and has gained a great understanding of the basics and is actively practising at every opportunity, he loves it, many thanks Trevor – Andy Thomas

Absolutely brilliant! My 7yr old loves it and can’t wait for each class. Well done to Gemma and Trevor, keep it up! – Linda Furlong

It’s the highlight of Aarons school week. He so looks forward and enjoys the class and we feel it’s setting him up well for the future. – Jonathon Brady

My kids (aged11 and 9) have been going to Trevor’s classes for the last 2 years and have loved them. He teaches in a fun way and their computing skills have really progressed. – Audrey Fenlon

My child is loving this class. Lots of fun in Enniscorthy – Fiona Brady

My sons go to class in New Ross and they love it and look forward to it every week – Karen Dobbyn

Evan & Tadhg are making great progress in the second year of class and loving it!! – Julie Tolchard Dunne

My son Finn attends the Enniscorthy class and it’s definitely his favourite class of the week. – Anne Thorpe

Just finished his second term and my son loves coding, lots of fun and so informative. – Tricia Long

Sean loves coding it’s great fun as well as learn ing a valuable skill. – Joyce Ellard

My son goes to the coding club for the last two years, he learns so much, with ease and fun. He really enjoys going and Trevor’s teaching. – Gena Lemon

My 8 yr old boy loves his Scratch class. He said he likes it very very very much. – Katie Harpur

Both my son and daughter are going to Trevor’s classes this year and they both find him very friendly and he explains everything very clearly they are enjoying his classes look forward to them – Lisa Kenny

My son Daniel is in his 3rd year of coding in st.senans and loves the challenges that Trevor sets him – Maurice Nolan

Many thanks to you too Trevor, I had never even heard of computer coding until I received the leaflet from Mary.  I had no idea what it was(and I still don’t understand it, to be honest) I said I would let the boys go to the summer camp and see how they got on – they absolutely loved it. By you teaching this, you have opened up loads of options for young people for the future and we are so fortunate to have these great classes on our doorstep – so thank you – D. Foley

Aifric loves Ailbhe’s classes. She is doing classes with Ailbhe for nearly a year now and looks forward to Wednesday afternoons. The online format is great for us too, as we wouldn’t be able to attend in person. Many thanks to both you and Ailbhe. Kind regards, Anne Marie and Aifric.

Thanks for that Trevor. Dylan is hooked (as am I), he really enjoyed his first class. – Clare

Would you mind relaying our sincere gratitude to Ailbhe for providing the coding lessons. My son was really engaged in her classes every week, and was delighted with the (very impressive) website he was able to create on the course. Thank you so much for the wonderful learning opportunity! Kind regards, Deborah Byrne