Ireland’s Best Primary School Computing, Coding & Robotics Model

Robo Done Ireland is led by Trevor Murphy Msc ITM

Trevor is the lead mentor and principal at, and These entities provide extra curriculum computing classes to primary and post-primary children, also specialise in aiding primary and post-primary school implement computer sciences in their classroom along with provide 21st century Website and Apps.

Our goal is to ensure every school in Ireland has a structured computer science syllabus which is continuously being updated and supported

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Robo Done Model – is a progressive primary school computing, coding and robotics programme which provides:

Full computer science syllabus from 2nd to 6th

Continuously  updated work books

Progress learning usage of Lego elements

Online student learning & testing enviroment

Full teacher training & continuous support

Financial reward for progressive schools

As Educators we all understand the importance of STEM  – The RoboDone Model promotes Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths by combining Lego Robotics with Computing and Coding

Robo Done Ireland is all about empowering and aiding primary schools take direct control of both their future computer science programmes and also full anatomy as to how they use retained profits to benefit their schools directly

Programming Education is going to be compulsory at Primary School Level
Regarding this IoT Society we live (Internet of things), we need problem-solving skills, logical thinking and creativity. The most effective way improve these skills is through programming education. ( Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications )


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